What We Took and What We Brought

Report on participating at international conferences

The Foundation for Natural Sciences Education in Memoriam Szabó Szabolcs published a tender in March 2018 to support participation and holding a lecture at an international conference. We awarded stipends to four young researchers. The students reported about their work presented at the conferences and their experience at an event of the “Methodology Tales” series, organized by the Scientific Student Association of Eötvös Loránd University Natural Sciences Faculty on November 8, 2018. The title of the event was „What We Took and What We Brought”.

The “Methodology Tales” series operates within the framework of the Learning and Teaching Methods and Knowledge Technology Section of the National Council of Scientific Student Associations, and is organized by the Mathematics Knowledge Theory and Psychology Research Group. Its aim is to provide a permanent scientific forum for those in teacher education. Its success is underlined by the fact that several projects initiated by the „Tales” received awards at Nationwide Conferences of Scientific Student Associations.

Presentation were held by:

Edina Malmos (Debrecen University, participant at the 6th Teaching & Education Conference of the International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences in Vienna, Austria, https://www.iises.net/past-conferences/teaching-and-edication/6th-teaching-education-conference-vienna)

Csilla Bereczky-Zámbó, Anna Muzsnay and Janka Szeibert (Eötvös Loránd University, participants at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education in Umea, Sweden, http://www.pme42.se/)

Malmos Edina

First, Edina Malmos presented her research titled „THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE PROBLEM-SOLVING BEHAVIOUR AND PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE OF BIOLOGY STUDENTS”, which she presented at the International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences6th Teaching & Education Conference in Vienna, Austria, in October 2018. The main topic of the research is the question of link between problem solving skills and lexical knowledge. Edina’s presentation covered not only the research but, more generally, her experience at the conference, including facultative programs.

Bereczky-Zámbó Csilla, Muzsnay Anna és Szeibert Janka

As regards the second conference report, here we supported a joint participation of a team of three students. At the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education 42th Annual Meeting in Umea, Sweden, in July 2018, 627 presentations of approximately 1000 authors took place, which covered a broad spectrum of mathematics education presently and in the future and new trends. Detailed presentations of individual research areas were held as well as discussions of more specific, shorter topics. Poster presentations and personal consultations were also used in presenting research results. The team we provided financial support to had the opportunity to hold one lecture presentation and have two poster presentations, the topic of which, with the title „Testing is the mother of knowledge”, was considered as a novelty among the conference topics.

Based on the reports, the most important takeaway from the conferences is that methodology research in Hungary is behind the international elite to a significant extent, both as regards volume and coverage of methodology. It is very important therefore that we can share the topics and experience of similar conferences in Hungarian education, and raise attention and interest among further students in methodology research.  This way, we can help develop education standards by adjusting the structure and methodology of education to the demand of a fast changing world. Based on what we have heard, there are good topics and interested students, so it is essential that the importance of methodology research gain more acceptance.

Our Foundation would like to help and support university students interested in education methodology, in order to secure an international audience to present their research and for them to gain experience and inspiration for further work. Therefore, the Foundation has published its next offer for a special prize among participating students at the Learning and Teaching Methods and Knowledge Technology Section of the Nationwide Conference of Scientific Student Associations in 2019, to support again participation and holding a lecture at an international conference of teaching methodology or education technology in natural sciences or mathematics: http://sz2a.hu/en/special-prize-at-the-nationwide-conference-of-scientific-student-associations/.

Finally, this is what Anna, Csilla and Janka wrote to us:“We have experienced that if we want to fully take advantage of the possibility of participating at such a large conference, then it is very tiring but at the same time provides such a depth and breadth of information and new knowledge which is simply unavailable at university courses. So we are especially helpful for the possibility and support.”

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