Tender publication to support participation at international conference – March 2018

The Foundation for Natural Sciences Education in Memoriam Szabó Szabolcs (the Foundation) publishes a tender, among participants at the Learning and Teaching Methods and Knowledge Technology Section of the 33th Nationwide Conference of Scientific Student Associations in 2017, to support participation and holding a lecture at an international conference of teaching methodology or education technology in natural sciences or mathematics.

Sum of the Support:

The support may be used for covering the conference registration fee and travel and accommodation expenses. The planned sum of the support is HUF 400.000, which may be modified according to the applications received. The support may also be used for post-financing (conference participation already under organization).

Terms of the Tender:

Students, PhD students and practicing teachers may apply. The applicants must briefly describe the international conference they wish to participate at. They need to prove why the conference is relevant, what kind of new knowledge they expect to gain, and what the prestige of the conference is. They shall agree to hold at least two lectures in Hungary, one about their own research by presenting their paper, while the other about their general experience and results of the conference.

The Foundation expects the following from the applicants:

  • Description of the research to be presented, the written paper;
  • A CV with activities and results achieved;
  • Description of the selected conference, with webpage access
  • The sum requested and its planned use.

The Foundation covers the conference registration fee and travel and accommodation expenses up to the sum approved.

Terms of Decision-Making:

Applications that do not answer the items above may be excluded. The Review Committee decides about giving out the support within its own authority. The Review Committee reserves the right to pronounce the tender void and not to give out any prize, or to split the sum among several participants. Applicants are preferred if:

  • they have already received a prize at a Nationwide Conference of Scientific Student Associations;
  • they have already published a referred research paper;
  • they agree to deliver a lecture in a foreign language at an international conference.


Deadline for Applications: April 13, 2018.

Expected decision-making: May 4, 2018.

Applications are to be sent to kapcsolat@sz2a.hu.

Applicants will be contacted via e-mail after decision-making.


You can read about decisions made in the next item.

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