Visit of secondary school students at 77 Elektronika Ltd

Organized by our Foundation, students of 11th and 12th grade from Budaörsi Illyés Gyula Secondary School have visited 77 Elektronika Ltd. A teacher of the school (András Hertner) is one of the teachers presenting the Mobile Lab project, while the company is one of the first donors of the Mobile Lab program. 77 Elektronika Ltd is fully owned by a Hungarian family, and is very successful in developing and selling in vitro diagnostic medical devices to international markets, such as urine analyzers, blood glucose meters and similar devices. The company employs about 700 staff, of which 100 are researchers, developers and engineers, and so it is one of the most important Hungarian enterprises in the health sector.

The students, who are in preparation for graduation and university entry exams, gained lots of impressions and knowledge about research, development, measurement processes and devices during the presentation of close to three hours. They could also get to know and practice with urine analyzers, blood glucose meters, microscopes and other devices. Staff of 77 Elektronika Ltd provided all students (those planning to apply to engineering, scientific or medical schools) with interesting and relevant knowledge and experience. We are grateful for the opportunity!