Our Objectives

The lab

Szabolcs Szabó studied at the special mathematics class of the Budapest Fazekas Mihály High School, then graduated as a teacher of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at Eötvös Loránd University. He taught at Fazekas for 16 years as a lead teacher of Chemistry and form master.

Szabolcs died at the young age of 50 in January 2017. His friends, classmates and students have set up the Foundation for Natural Sciences Education in Memoriam Szabó Szabolcs. Our aim is to keep Szabolcs’s memory, and make the traditions of his professional, educational and development work available for future generations. We would like to support education and competitions in the natural sciences, and help and motivate children and their teachers to organize and participate in similar events. We want to support talent management, including facilitating access of students from disadvantaged backgrounds to education and competitions. We plan to publish tenders for educational method development as well.

Szabolcs was not only an outstanding professional and teacher – he was adored as community builder too. His students remember the trips and sports activities as fondly (if not more) as his classes. The Foundation strives to support students and teachers active in community building also. We also wish to provide space for publications and debates about education, in general and of natural sciences, and even philosophy of sciences. Having grown up at Fazekas, we strongly believe that studying and loving mathematics and natural sciences would not lead to becoming a „geek” – rather to help understand different aspects of problems we face in life, even if we end up with a career nothing to do with natural sciences.