Szabó Szabolcs Natural Sciences Challenge Cup

Preliminary Announcement

Announced by: Foundation for Natural Sciences Education in Memoriam Szabó Szabolcs (

Objectives of the competition: Primary school pupils primarily from the countryside and across the border would compete in solving natural sciences problems and challenges.

Participants: Teams of four members, coming from 7th and 8th grade of Hungarian and trans- border schools (Teams must have two seventh and eighth graders and two boys and girls each).

Time: November 15-16, 2019 (Friday and Saturday)

Venue: Kossuth Lajos Primary School, Veszprém (8200 Veszprém, Budapest út 11.)


  • no registration fee
  • expenses of accommodation and meals will be paid by the Foundation
  • with the involvement of sponsors
  • support to travel expenses may be requested

Expected challenges: Students are expected to solve different kinds of problems so that they can amply demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

1. Preliminary challenge: To produce a poster in an interdisciplinary natural sciences topic, which this year is: “manifestation of the laws of physics in the movement of living creatures”. We will provide ideas on the webpage of the competition (, but the teams are welcome to develop their own ideas.
The size of the poster should be A0 and prepared by hand or computer. The poster should include the names and school of the authors, and the applied forms. The digital version of the poster (which may also be a photo) will have to be sent by November 6 to e-mail address. The posters will have to be brought to the competition. Criterion for the assessment of the posters will be published at , based on which the jury will evaluate the products.

2. Poster presentation: Teams will present their posters at the venue. This time the jury will only evaluate the mode of presentation, based on pre-announced criterion (

3. Written round: Teams will solve problems linked to experiments and interdisciplinary topics, in 90 minutes. Only calculators and periodic tables may be used.

4. Oral round: Students will answer questions in a quiz set-up. In this round, speed is also essential.

We will recommend literature (articles, textbooks) for the preparation on the competition’s webpage (

Preliminary agenda:
November 15, 2019, Friday afternoon and evening: arrival, registration, written round, evening cultural program and fun.
November 16, 2019, Saturday morning: poster presentation, quiz, oral round, announcement of results

We provide accommodation, meals (dinner, breakfast, and lunch), and free time program, for the students and one accompanying teacher.

Awards: The best team will win the Cup until the next round of the Challenge Cup, and the members will receive a prize of a study trip. We will strive to give out awards for each round separately too. Participants may receive gifts of our sponsors. The winner team receives the right to organize the next round of the Szabó Szabolcs Challenge Cup. This is not an obligation, and schools may apply if they are unable to undertake this. However, we would encourage them and give all help and support in organizing the next event.

Preliminary declaration of intent: Applications for the competition will take place in September 2019. We would like to receive preliminary declarations of intent by April 15, 2019, from schools that plan to nominate a team. These can be sent to:

Further information: Will be available on the webpage of the Challenge Cup (

The complete announcement can be downloaded as a PDF file.

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